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6. Platform setup is charged separately (Social media, email newsletter, PowerPoint template, Video conferencing, CRM, ERP, etc. ) 

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A._______DIGITAL SERVICES_________

1. PowerPoint Presentation (Average 10 slides)


2. Basic Online Research


3. Google form (survey, checklist, reporting, template, quizzes, orders, recruitment ap, or other related polls and questionnaires.…) (Average 20 questions)


4. Email newsletter or greeting (Standard size)


5. Blog article (1 page)


6. Landing page creation (Standard size)


7. Caption for social media (Creation or correction)


8. LinkedIn connections growth (Specify country, title & industry)


B._______ADMIN SERVICES_________

1. Scheduling an online appointment (Send number/email & details will appear on your online calendar after arranging the appointment.)


2. Data entry of business cards & categorization (Attach picture of business cards, they will be entered digitally to your address book & categorized)


3. Organizing scanned documents & agreements (Send picture of documents, they will be arranged in the right digital folders and shared with the right people)


4. Invoicing for clients (Send us the details of the invoice and we will issue it as per your instructions)


5. Support for collection: email reminder & courier follow up


6. Sending an important email/greeting





a) Corporate culture vs. corporate values (In parallel with team assessments)


b) Location suitability (Preset criteria list to be agreed upon)


c) Team productivity (In parallel with financial analysis)


d) Training needs analysis


e) Human Development gaps (Documents and processes needed from recruitment to termination, including training for the HR team)


f) Workflow optimization (Assessing the process throughout the department to spot bottlenecks and check where automation is a must)


g) Wheel of business checkup (Top 10 criteria for the business wellness, assessed by all key people)


h) Sales and marketing fitness (All tools and templates from prospecting till customer service - along with benchmarking 3 top competitors' online presence)


i) Market trends (Spotting market trends related to a specific product/service line)


j) Customer opinions, complaints, and mystery shopping form creation


k) Report analysis for the survey done


l) Focus group up to 10people (to be done remotely/physically)


m) Mystery shopping (junior - for public spaces)


n) Mystery shopping (senior - for executives' one to one interviews)


o) Advanced 360 SWOT analysis (to be performed with key people)


p) Competition assessment – top 3 competitors


q) Financial assessment (&/or Valuation) – 3 years complete report, including graphs and ratios


r) Department assessment and analysis


2 •Advanced Training•

a) Personal development skills: all skills needed to improve the mindset and the productivity of the team


b) Sales skills: all the skills needed to improve the performance of the sales department from prospecting to customer service


c) Strategic planning skills: all the skills needed to write a strategic plan aligning all department under one vision, one strategy and clear financial goals to achieve - along with KPIs to measure the performance


d) Management skills: all the skills needed to manage people, projects, financials and time


3 •Technical training•

a) Using CRM/ERP


b) Mind mapping software


c) Email newsletter


d) Creating powerful presentations


e) Income management & investment tips


f) Strategic & advanced goal setting


g) Advanced presentation skills & public speaking


h) Closing big sales deals


i) Negotiations skills


j) Time management skills - using smart technology


k) Online sales skills


l) Calendar setup, categorization and sharing


m) Online drive setup, categorization and sharing


4 •Market study•

5 •Business plan•

6 •Management support•

a) Weekly meetings for project management


b) Presence in strategic meetings


c) Regular audit and follow up on specific departments/projects


7 •Building alliances•

8. Webinar management/support


9. Key people recruitment


a) Position

b) Expected salary

c) Main job description

10. ERP management/support


11. Funding solutions


- Amount needed


1 •Real estate opportunities•

a) Type needed

b) What is the average budget expected to invest?

c) Average size (m2)

d) Preferred Location

2 •Business Opportunities•

a) Invest in my own business


b) Invest in a business franchise


c) What is the average budget expected to invest?

3 •Financial Investment•

a) Duration

b) What is the average budget expected to invest?

c) Risk Profile

E._______OTHER INFO_________

1. Details needed (reference to any chosen service)

2. Specific instructions:

3. Expected deadline (to be confirmed by our admin team):


F._______ATTACHMENTS (or send by email to [email protected])


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Business plan draft

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Minutes of the meeting

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