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If you are looking for investors to fund your business, consider the following tips:
1. Attract smaller investors who believe in you, add value to your business; they will create less pain in the head
2. Focus not only on your concept but also on what problems you solve and how you do that
3. Have a solid strategy not just wishful ideas: legal, sales, marketing, HR, workflow, etc. How will you deal with your competitors and what will be your goals and exit strategy.
4. Make solid financial projections to valuate the business objectively and create different scenarios and financial ratios
5. Focus on yourself in the center of the business; people need to trust you as the captain of the ship to lead the business and deal with challenges.
Let's help you structure the plan, the strategy and the pitch deck and get your business funded.
This is a great opportunity because you can bypass the banking funding, the VC and Angel Investors to reach your potential investors directly.
Keep in mind that investors need you as much as you need them.

Let’s meet, let’s invest, let’s expand!

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