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Plans don't work? It means you had the wrong plan. Because the right plan covers all risk factors and creates a contingency strategy for all challenges.
You need a business plan/strategy only in the following cases:

1.If you are starting a business
2.If you are expanding to a new country
3.If you are launching a new product/service
4.If you are franchising the business
5.If you restructuring the business
6.In cases of mergers and acquisitions
7.If you are requesting credit facilities
8.If you are pitching to investors or any other equity funding type
9.If you need a new business model
10.If you are making a digital transformation
11.If you are expanding your sales team
12.Or simply if you need a road map /strategy to follow
Again, just like you can't build your dream house without architectural maps and blueprints, you simply can't build your dream business without a business plan and strategy.
The next step is to communicate your plan with the right experts like the lawyer, auditor, marketing,...
The starting point is scheduling your appointment here, and we will guide through the best expansion journey.
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To know more about my dream regarding business planning as a mandatory requirement, please check the below video.



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