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Before the wedding plan comes the financial plan.

Being married with 4 children I can assure you that financial planning is extremely essential to have a decent life in Lebanon; how to budget for the wedding, afford a nice house, buy a new family car, prepare the children's rooms and accessories, manage the cash flow between living expenses, school, helper, traveling, buying gifts, personal care and many other important issues can bring lots of pressures to the family and could even threaten its bonding and positive spirit.

It is a daily struggle to decide whether you must stay employed, open a parallel business, immigrate, jump to the entrepreneurial world or just maintain your current situation...

It's definitely not easy but an expert financial planner can help you manage your expenses wisely while maintaining a good standard of living, minimize your credit before affecting your reputation, save for the future in logical amounts and in systematic ways, invest in safe pillars of business or real estate to grow financially and ultimately enjoy a balanced life.

Having a family financial plan is a very tailored and continuous process to each couple's vision, values, priorities and lifestyle. Let's book a meeting to explain how it works and hopefully join hands to guide the way towards financial freedom.

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SME Business Strategist
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