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When the Titanic was sinking there were three different types of people: those who kept dancing, those who panicked without any considerable action, and those who jumped to safety boats. Now that the economies are sinking, what are the safety boats available?

1. Stop dancing and realize there’s a problem out there before it’s too late. This involves knowing what decisions to make and compromise on your initial lifestyle…Time to budget and watch out.
2. Stop panicking and start planning; whether locally or abroad, own business, freelancing or employment, everything needs a plan!
3. Stop criticizing others’ points of view or plans, each person has a different mindset and priorities which we should all respect. Give a valuable piece of advice or stay quiet.
4. If you are looking for a job:
5. If you are freelancing
6. If you are considering your own business
Despite all the challenges, the safety boats are out there and most of them completely available either for free or at very affordable rates. It is up to you to benefit from them, upgrade your knowledge and seek expertise where needed. We are glad to support you in this regard.
Book a one to one session with us or join our next webinar on 19 March at 12:30pm Beirut time to discuss all of the above and answer any questions you may have in this regard.


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