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 Besides the fact that both are attractive in the subject line, let's look at some of the similarities between these two international famous terms:

  1. A one time sex leads to short term pleasure; same for a one time injection of cash
  2. Their abundance reflects more and more pleasure and satisfaction
  3. Having sex with the wrong partner can lead to complex problems; same for taking cash from the wrong people
  4. Having sex outside the official partnership will ruin your reputation; same for brining cash flow from unofficial sources
  5. The more you concentrate on one partner and give your full attention to details, the more you reap long term results emotionally. Same for cash flow: focus on your business, pay close attention to details and build a long term path for stabilizing your financials
  6. Stop watching the wrong movies because they give you false expectations...
  7. Short term fixes lead to short term satisfaction; always think long term
  8. One night stands lead to wasted outcome. Long term relationships build families...Short term cash flow fixes waste your safety cushions, long term solutions lead to healthy succession planning
  9. Both need trial and error to find the ultimate pleasure...
  10. Both need the right experts to guide you in times of crisis

I surely can't help with the first one, but I have 15 years experience in optimizing cash flow in 13 countries in the MENA region. Let's meet over a coffee and see how we can help you enjoy a positive cash flow in 2018.

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