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 Most companies either don’t train at all, train one time a year and very few really have a continuous training program.

In all cases, companies don’t really benefit from training as much as they should because the programs are either motivating on the short term, the retention of the information is minimal and the cost of the quality trainers is becoming much higher.

Even more, the company will be depending on the time of the heads of departments who don’t have always have the time or the energy to train the junior new comers.

Our tip, based on our experience with companies, is to install internal training academies. This way the information will be standardized, the internal trainers will invest their time one time, automated tests will be available, and an online customized in house library will be available for each and every person based on different access rights. To know more, please book your one to one meeting with us and will guide you through the next steps.

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Jade W. Dagher
Certified Management Consultant, CMC ©

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