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Tough times, turbulent times, crisis times... We’ve all been there!

I have been working in most of the MENA region and I have been observing the ups and downs of most of the countries; visa here, no visa there… good sales here , no sales there…family is stable here, family is divided there…good business forecast here, can’t predict the future there. Here becomes there and there moves to here; and there we go shaking again!

The last 10-15 years didn’t have mercy on anyone around the region. This is not to disappoint you; this is to reveal an observation that took me a significant time to understand and digest. Some people have been always doing fine! Those same people have nothing to do with politics or had whatever shortcuts you might think of. They never even had much money on hand. Surprisingly, a good number of people are doing fine due to several skills or factors that I personally got curious about. I made sure to dig deeper and met them one on one to really understand how they make it; how they think and what they do while keeping high standards in personal and business values.

I have developed a workshop about this. Whether you consider this a sales pitch or not, it doesn’t really matter. I promise that it is worth every single penny, and if well implemented, you will be also joining this impressive and inspiring category of people who will succeed no matter what.

I am inviting you for a coffee to discuss the workshop outline and judge for yourself if it is worth the investment.

Jade William Dagher
SME Business Strategist
+961 4 977355
+961 70226969
[email protected]

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