Tough times can give you some good lessons
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Tough times can give you some good lessons:

1. Always trust the power of God
2. Discover your internal strengths
3. Unexpected friends and supporters pop up
4. Insurance is a must
5. Planning helps partially; and the other part becomes your backup plan
6. Family is the main asset
7. Spend time wisely with your beloved ones
8. Ask the right experts all the time
9. No matter what the process is, results are the main thing
10.Save for the unexpected
11. Face the problem. least if you don't win the fight you win a good night sleep
12. Routine is boring; but in tough times it is the only thing that you would miss
13. Work will never end...put the right priorities. But always keep the clients up to date
14. Stay healthy; even if accidents happen, you won't have anything to regret
15. Enjoy each and every day even if it's a tough one...because "tough" is relative...
16. Pray and thank God every single day for the visible and hidden blessings because you don't know their real value until they are away from you.

Anything else have you learned in tough times that could be helpful to share?

Stay safe and keep expanding,



Jade W. Dagher

Certified Management Consultant, CMC ®

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