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Personal Development:


Have you ever considered a workshop that turns the major conflict of work-life balance into power?

Are you having a hard time leaving personal issues back home? What is limiting your potential thus
limiting your personal and business productivity?


Appreciating time and allocating finances are key in personal development.
A problem in one area of life shouldn't affect all other areas. With the proper attitude, life skills, and
financial and time management, you might not be able to solve tough problems. You will still definitely
be able to deal with, manage, and proceed with your life despite all the typical inconveniences thus
keeping productivity an everyday result.

While you cannot leave problems at home, you can definitely obtain the most advanced tools to deal
with them. It's by management not luck that tough times should be dealt with. Our advanced
Exceeding Personal Potential workshop has the secret recipe to a proper mindset that has the
capability of dealing with all levels of personal and financial difficulties.


  • Obtaining a variety of psychological, sociological, personal, decisional, habitual, and behavioral skills.
  • Ability of turning unachieved potential into achieved productivity through self-empowerment.
  • Gaining necessary skills that are needed to manage tough life situations such as illness, broken relationships, bankruptcies, and death.
  • Acquiring practical tools to manage and sort out work, life, families, friendships, health, spirituality, and all other crucial aspects of life.
  • Ability to align your life with your values and visions thus finding purpose in life.
  • Ability to manage mindset, time, finances, and life balance in order to achieve further productivity.
  • A better quality of life as a result of a better quality of relationships.
  • Recognition of human behavior
    and self-management.


  • Ambitious people aiming to break their limiting beliefs, achieve desired goals and make a difference in their personal and business life.
  • Human resources professionals
  • Teachers
  • Freelancers
  • Managers
  • Entrepreneurs


Jade W. Dagher

Guest speaker

Wael Jaber

  • SPI Master Franchisee
  • SPI provides a variety of educational programs to personal trainers, group fitness (aerobics) instructors, coaches, strength training specialists, physical education teachers and the general population, in Canada, the Middle East and China.
  • Web:
  • Tel: +961 3 734 221
  • Email: [email protected]
  • To know more about Wael click here

Other guest speakers to be announced



"It was a very interesting training. It contributes to change daily life and all our projects."


"Very professional team starting by content, material, communication and learning objectives."


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