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Management is a very essential program that sheds the light on important tips in managing a small and medium business. How to best manage people, money, time projects and most importantly what data to analyze and how to make objective sharp decisions in such a chaotic business environment.

This webinar is an introductory session about the essential skills needed in this regard. You will see the major sections of the management process and what are the essential practical tips in each area. '

• Internal & external factors that affect our lives
• Failure perspective

• Finance

  1. Ensure you have good financial reporting
  2. Make your terms and conditions clear
  3. Invoice promptly
  4. Ask for partial payment up front
  5. Give a reward for quick payment
  6. Use electronic invoicing and payment methods when possible
  7. Go after receivables
  8. Negotiate terms with your suppliers
  9. Pay bills only when they're due
  10. Delegate
  11. Automate
  12. Innovate
  13. Sell more
  14. Monitor expenses & trends
  15. Consider getting an expert to watch your cash flow
  16. Recommended list of experts – top 10
  1. Income Statement (Profit & Loss-P&L)
  2. Cash flow statement
  3. Balance sheet
  1. Sales per product/person/client
  2. Break-even
  3. Ratios
  4. Gross profit
  5. Net Profit Margin
  6. Return on Investment
  1. Start-up/development costs
  2. OPEX break-down
  3. Projections
  1. Financial lists
  2. Project profitability
  3. Quotations

• Human development

  1. Recruiting people
  2. Managing people
  3. Project management
  4. Developing people
  5. Retaining people
  6. Hr filing
  7. Key performance indicators:

        -Anything that is not measurable cannot be improved
        -KPIs examples
        -Input KPIs

        8. Customer relationship management

        -Your clients…your future! How to track their activities
        -System to use

• Redefinition of key terms
• Success formula
• Basic plan
• Dealing with people

  1. Wheel of life
  2. Limiting beliefs
  3. Types of people
  4. People’s colors
  5. Basic needs
  6. Emotional needs

• Decision making

  1. Command
  2. Consult
  3. Vote
  4. Consensus

Recommended books

You can register to our full workshop on this link:


PS: Please note that this session is in Arabic. We will be scheduling another one in English soon.


Jade W. Dagher
Certified Management Consultant, 

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