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Personal development is not a book, a workshop, a discussion or a trend. It is a lifestyle and long term commitment for continuous self- improvement.

This webinar will show you a brief history about me: I was shy, introvert, had the fear of dealing with money, low self-confidence and I was practically bad in building any kind of relationship (friend, business,...). My turning point was due to a lost relationship due to lack of money so I took the decision to start to develop myself to start making money and regain that relationship. It doesn’t matter what your motive is, the important point is to have a motive to start this beautiful journey of personal development.
What are the things that I have done to "work on myself" : reading books, sport and yoga , acting, asks questions to experts, workshops from Lebanon to reaching Anthony Robbin's London…

What did I learn?

  1. You have to change your perception about everything that happens in your life, problems versus opportunities
  2. No goals = no hope (even in tough times)
  3. Bad habits are your real enemies
  4. Fear is your greatest friend
  5. Break or accelerate
  6. Differentiate between what you can control and what you can't
  7. Tough times need two things: faith in God to light the way and faith in your inner powers that you can do it (examples of oil , wine,...)  
  8. A plan is a must
  9. Positive thinking = problem solving = what can I do about it?
10. In the toughest and darkest times: be like water
11. Budgeting is not a luxury
12. Inspiration is a key ingredient to survive (movies, hobbies, music, friend, sport, art...)
13. Surround yourself with the right people. They are more addictive than corona virus.
14. Ask the right experts (nutrition, legal, psychology, legal, finance,...)
15. Clear your mind (disconnect to connect). For me: praying, nature, books…
16. Keep your wheel satisfied not in balance
17. Discover your core values: who are you?
18. Try to discover your purpose in life: why are you here?
19. Decide if you want to be a victim or a leader
20. Fix your bed. Giant steps start with baby steps
21. Remember the formula of success
22. SWOT evaluation

Personal development is not a concept, it is not a book, and it is surely not simply a workshop :). It is a life time decision and the day you stop developing is the day you start personal deterioration. The choice is yours every single day. And now you have a choice to stop here and say it was a nice session or to have a strategic move towards your personal development journey.

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Keep expanding, 


Jade W. Dagher
Certified Management Consultant, 


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