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Sales Development is a very essential program that empowers each salesperson, entrepreneur or freelancer to best sell in tough situation.


This webinar is an introductory session about the essential skills needed in this regard. It shed the light in the important techniques and tools that I've learned in this great journey during the last 18 years, such as: 

  1. Sales is the most important function in any kind of business
  2. There are many university majors but very few are focused on sales
  3. Sales revenues are the first items on the income statement, so even if you reduce cost to the maximum, you still have to ensure enough sales volume to have decent     profits
  4. Sales has a lot of wrongful perceptions such as confusing it with marketing, PR, advertising, being pushy, etc.
  5. Sales is definitely not about talking, but about LISTENING
  6. Sales people are not born; here I will share my personal experience in the video
  7. What sales really is: a “religion”, a mindset, a “sexy partner”, family, friends, hobby, passion…in the video I will explain the details of each.
  8. You surely learn the basic of sales but then you have to develop your own style
  9. Sales is least costly source if funding versus banks and investors; and it surely ensures continuity of the business.
  10. What sales really is: built up experience, everyone of us is a sales person, it is a satisfaction of a desire or a solution to a problem
  11. Sales is never about needs
  12. Sales strategies are not random, they require a plan, a structure, a system, monitoring and measurement.
  13. Profile of good sales people: good positive habits, good analytical skills, creativity, negotiation skills, technology orientation, and courage to enter new markets, compete      with big sharks and handle tough clients.
  14. Keep in mind that clients don’t buy based on their budget.
  15. What is the main job description of a sales person?
  16. The more value your clients see, the more sales you make
  17. The more different you are, the more money you make
  18. The more they like you and trust you, the more referrals you get
  19. It is TRUST not tricks that will keep the clients loyal to you
  20. What is the ultimate sale formula; 9 steps that will make a huge difference on your approach and results.
  21. Tools for reporting and analysis and mandatory to measure the process from getting leads, following through the CRM, and closing the deals.
  22. It is very important to focus on the referrals reporting, the activity reporting, the objections statistics and the database management along with well-established key performance indicators.

For an advanced workshop in sales that will take you to a whole new level of professionalism and uplifted sales targets, please register to our three months program on this link:

Keep expanding,

Jade W. Dagher
Certified Management Consultant, 


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